Staniot Tuya 433Mhz WIFI GSM Smart Home Wireless Security System Alarm Burglar Panel IOS and Android APP Remote Control Support H500-2G

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Staniot Tuya 433Mhz WIFI GSM Smart Home Wireless Security System Alarm Burglar Panel IOS and Android APP Remote Control Support H500-2G
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Place Of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Staniot
Model Number: H500-2G
Network: Wifi, GSM
Product Name: Staniot H500 WiFi GSM Security Alarm System
Color: White
Kit Configuration: Alarm Host, Door Sensor, PIR Detector, Remote Control, Wired Siren
Suuport 01: User Inputs Scramble PIN Code
Suuport 02: Alaxa And Google Assistant Voice Control
Suuport 03: Connect 100 Accessoies
Suuport 04: Tuya And Smart Life App Remote Control
Suuport 05: IOS And Androld Control
Suuport 06: 10 Languages
Suuport 07: 1 Year Warranty
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: staniot
Model Number: H500-2G
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Product Description
The Staniot Newest H500 WiFi GSM Smart Security Alarm System

Due to aviation restrictions:

- There is a lithium electronic battery in the security.
- There is a button battery in the remote control.
- There is no battery in other accessories.
Main Feature
- 1. WIFI/ GSM/ intranet alarm system: APP push, SMS, Voice monitoring, intranet center etc. It supports different alarm channels to ensuring users enjoy the intelligent life.
- 2. The newest smart host: The Ultra HD 4.3-inch IPS color screen, full voice prompts.
- 3. Chinese/English/Russian/Spanish/German/Polish/Portuguese/Italian switchable: Support multi-language menu display, voice operation prompts and alarm SMS settings. GSM network automatic proofreading, to ensure accurate clock, support time zone settings, Convenient for multi-area application.
- 4. 5 groups of alarm phone numbers: SMS Switch and voice switch can be set separately when the accessories are triggered.
- 5. Two ways voice intercom function: The first way is that you can remotely monitor the situation immediately, speak and scare away thieves when accidental invasion. The second way is that you can make a call with the number you have setting on by one.
- 6. Support 100 detectors renaming, multiple attribute configuration, alarm mode setting.
- 7. Delay function: Users can set arm delay and alarm delay according to there own needs.
- 8. Multi-zone location settings: Such as gate, Hypermarket, Garage, hall, SOS, bedroom, Window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, Carbon monoxide, water leaking etc zone name settings.

Function Introduce
Smart Life
Connect 100 Accessories
Out Arm
Google Assistant
Remote Control
Input Scramble PIN code
SOS alarm
App Control
Gas Alarm
Alaxa Voice Control
Stay Arm

600MHZ High-Speed Smart Chip

This security panel uses 600MHZ High-Speed Smart Chip. The operating speed of this security panel is 12 times that of other similar alarm hosts (50MHZ). So the running speed is faster and smoother.
Support 100 defense zones
The security panel can add 200 accessories and all zones can be renamed and customized. You can set it on APP, and it will be updated on the security panel at once.
The First Remote Voice Alarm Function
- The host has the two way intercom functions, the first one is that the host will call to the user when the thieves into the residence to trigger detectors. And user can speak aloud and scare off thieves.
The Second Remote Voice Alarm Function
- The second function of voice alarm is the user can make a call for the number of someone who have set number into the host. Such as family members, friends, children, etc.
Support 5 Groups of Alarm Numbers
- The user can set up five emergency contacts on the host. When an intruder triggers an accessory in the defense zone, the host will send a text message to the contact set by the user in the host and will call the user at the same time.
Support Alexa & Google Assistant Voice Control
- The user can use the Alexa or Google assistant to control the products of this kit. It will be convenient for use. Products make it easier for users to operate. This function saves the user's time.
Support Android and IOS APP Remote Control
- Android and IOS App can control this product. If user want to use the app to control this host, they have to follow the steps below:
Support Tuya and Smart Life App Remote Control
- The user can search the "smart life" in major mainstream APP stores around the world or scan the QR Code below to download. The apps downloaded by the three links are all the same app, but the download channels are different. And the user can also link graffiti ecology through APP intelligent to control the products at kit.
New User Interface
- The host of kit is embedded with a high-performance and low-power intelligent microprocessor and adopted the 4.3-inch IPS color screen and used capacitive touch to control the operation of the host.
4.3-inch IPS Color Screen
- The host of kit is embedded with a high-performance and low-power intelligent microprocessor and adopted the 4.3-inch IPS color screen and used capacitive touch to control the operation of the host.
System Principle
- Someone enters the monitoring range of the detector.
- The detector is triggered and the host buzzes to warn.
- Simultaneously dial the phone and send SMS APP background push notifications.
Multi-function Indicator
- There are 3 types of host status indicator, the shows are as follow:
- 1. The yellow light is device is in arming state.
- 2. The red light is device in the alarm state.
- 3. The green light refers the device is in the normal state and it means everything is OK.
Wall-mounted Ultra-thin Design
- The design of product is Ultra-thin. This design makes the product lighter and thinner, convenient to carry and save a lot of indoor space.
Application Scenarios
- The host of kit can connect normal and SOS doorbell, wireless siren, wireless infrared detector, wireless smoke detector, wireless door sensor, remote control, etc.
- The zone of installing the accessories if as follow:
Low Voltage Alarm Prompt
- 1. The host will alarm to remind the user to charge the host when the battery power of host is below the power cordon. - 2. The host will alarm to remind the user to replace the battery for accessory when the battery power of accessory is below the power cordon.
Support Multiple Language
- There are 10 languages can be choosed as follow:
Chinese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Italian, Franch, Portogurish

The Display Screen and Touch Button

- This product has the touch button and display screen. The user can use the touch button to operate this device. And the display screen will show the operation process when it was operated.
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
wifi, GSM
Packing & Delivery
- To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
Company Profile
- Shenzhen XingAniot Technology Co,.Ltd is established in July 2020, dedicated to provide the advanced products and solution of IoT smart hardware, covering the area of Smart Home, Hotel, Community, Building etc. The founding team is made up of R&D guru with comprehensive experience of embedded software and hardware, senior designer on product and solution design, senior manager who has built leading company and successfully went public, the team has abundant industrial resource and relevant operation experience.

- Staniot is persist in independent research and development, to provide light wight product. In 2021 the main product line is
consumer smart security appliances, followed with IoT products focusing various application scenarios: Smart Home appliances, various remote control sensors etc.

- Staniot is people oriented, with young and modern management, provide equal and mutual profitable system, to achieve long-term development of the company.
Our Advantages
Major Market
- 1. Please contact our after-sales service for any failure caused by the product itself during the warranty period. - 2. The product is guaranteed by one year from the date of sale and the warranty service is only valid under normal use. - 3. There is no warranty if the product damaging is caused by the use environment not meeting the requirements of this product. - 4. There is no warranty if the product damaging is caused by man-made or force majeure.
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